Portfolio investments

Portfolio investments: What they say?

Gancev Stojan

ITQuarks, Founder

“Data Lab VC gave us the opportunity to monetize our own data. We didn’t think that our data could be monetized until we met the experts of Data Lab VC. We are now able to use our data both for better machine learning process and for dig data analysis and monetization.”

Amir Rabinowicz

CEO & Founder, Smart Financial Traffic

“The most amazing thing is that you never realize that your data actually worth something – until you meet Data Lab VC. One of the most important things for us was to use our own data and never our users data. Data Lab VC gave us the knowledge to monetize our data on a scale we would never thought is possible!”

Oren Kashani

VP Engineering, Israel, dmf Lighting inc

“Data is everything once you know you have the right data. Until we met those experts we didnt know that our data is having so much value. We didnt know that our data can be used for AI and ML. Its great to work with such a professionals”.