Our NEW Challenge:

Since March 2020 we are active investor in CoronaVirus related companies. We have to find a way to stop it – and it is only through knowledge and sharing data.

If you are an early stage company, a group of scientists, a Startup, a spin off company or you have a valid idea for the CoronaVirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak situation – get in touch with us for a fast validation and investment.


We invest in A round companies and above for companies have a valid monetized data.

CoronaVirus 2020: We invest $100K-$500K for each company. If we need more funds – we will arrange our partners for joining the fast round.

“In God we trust, all others must bring data” – W. Edwards Deming

About us

Since 1999, we have founded and co-founded numerous startups. DataLabVC was in stealth mode until 2018, and now we are ready to present our investment business model to the best startups. We invest in startups that already have big data, and are ready to monetize this asset. Even if you don’t believe your data is valuable, we know how to find gold in every data set. If we believe, we will invest in your startup. Whether you are a new startup or a spin-off of an existing one, we will invest in and scale and monetize your data. We can work with all cloud based companies. DataLabVC is the venture arm of Digital DAB Innovations Inc (DDI). Apply or send us your deck and we will get back to you.


We are just one email away, so feel free to contact us. Best to reach us is via a friend that know us.